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FERC & Federal News
Update: Senate Confirms Honorable to FERC
The Senate Tuesday night confirmed Colette Honorable, President Obama’s pick to serve on FERC, unanimously by simple voice vote.
FERC to Hold Technical Conferences on EPA Clean Power Plan
FERC will hold four technical conferences next year to discuss the effects of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan on reliability and wholesale electricity markets.
Electric and Gas Industries Remain Divided on Gas Day Start Time
The electric and natural gas industries remain divided over the start of the gas day, nine months after federal regulators proposed changing the start time from 9 a.m. CT to 4 a.m. CT.
PJM News
PJM Files Capacity Performance Plan
PJM on Friday filed its long-awaited Capacity Performance proposal with FERC, a two-docket, 1,275-page capacity market overhaul that it hopes will prevent a repeat of last January’s poor generator performance.
FERC Approves Duke-NCEMPA Deal
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last week approved Duke Energy Progress’ $1.2 billion purchase of 700 MW of generation from the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency.
PJM MIC to Consider Earlier Notice on Pricing Interfaces
PJM stakeholders will begin work in January on an initiative to consider whether the RTO should be required to provide more notice before introducing “closed loop” interfaces to capture operator actions in pricing.
PJM MIC OKs Capacity Transfer Rights Inquiry
PJM stakeholders last week agreed to review modeling practices that the RTO said may be shortchanging loads with transmission agreements that pre-date the RTO’s capacity market.
States File New ROE Complaint vs. BGE, Pepco
State officials last week filed a new complaint in their nearly two-year effort to force a reduction in the transmission rates for Baltimore Gas and Electric and Pepco Holdings Inc.
PJM Board to Seek $1,800 Offer Cap
PJM will seek FERC approval for a controversial proposal to raise the cost-based energy offer cap to $1,800/MWh through March 2015.
PJM, MISO Reach Agreement on New Interchange Product
PJM and MISO have reached agreement on a new product for interchange transactions similar to the Coordinated Transaction Scheduling (CTS) product PJM launched Nov. 4 with NYISO.
Hydro, Natural Gas Interconnections Increase in MTEP 14
MISO's Board of Directors approved MTEP 14, a $2.5 billion package of 369 transmission projects, including the $676 million, 500-kV Great Northern Transmission Line.
MISO Rejects ‘Too Prescriptive’ Governance Proposal
MISO’s Board of Directors rejected proposed guidelines on how the board chair makes committee appointments, while members elected two new directors.
MISO Ponders Larger DR Role Despite Legal Uncertainty
MISO last week sought stakeholder input on how to make the most of demand response programs, and whether the RTO should take any action while waiting for final word on FERC Order 745.
Connecticut: Power Prices to Rise 63% by 2024
Connecticut policymakers say inadequate natural gas infrastructure will lead to sharply higher electricity prices despite energy-efficiency measures that will nearly eliminate demand growth over the next decade.
States, NEPOOL: ISO-NE Overestimating Capacity Needs
New England consumers could purchase hundreds of millions in excess capacity in the upcoming auction.
ISO-NE Gens. Challenge Capacity Rules Ahead of FCA
ISO-NE generators asked FERC to change the New Entry Pricing Rule and the Peak Energy Rent Adjustment ahead of February’s Forward Capacity Auction.
Connecticut Cuts CL&P Distribution Hike by 41%
Connecticut Light & Power’s proposed distribution rate increase was cut by 41% by the state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority in a draft decision.
NYPSC OKs Con Ed’s Demand Management Program to Relieve NYC Overloads
New York regulators OKd Con Edison's demand side  management plan to relieve overloads in Brooklyn and Queens, allowing the deferral of a $1 billion substation.
Transmission Outage, Cold Causes Price Spike on Long Island
Power prices briefly spiked above $1,000/MWh on Long Island Wednesday due to a combination of cold weather and an unplanned transmission outage.
Company Briefs
News briefs on companies doing business with RTOs. This week we include Exelon, Dominion Resources, Duke Energy, DSM and PPL.
Federal Briefs
News briefs on the federal agencies that impact those doing business in the RTO footprints. This week, we include the Energy Information Administration, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, FERC, the TVA and the Energy Department.
State Briefs
News briefs from the states within the footprint of RTOs. This week we include Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
Reaction to EPA Carbon Rule
RTOs Raise Concerns over Reliability, Schedule in EPA Clean Power Plan
PJM, MISO, SPP and NYISO joined a chorus of critics last week in warning that the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed carbon emission rule threatens grid reliability, saying the agency should provide more time to build the generation, transmission and natural gas pipelines needed to comply.
MISO, SPP: EPA Clean Power Plan Threatens Reliability, Needs Longer Compliance Schedule
SPP and MISO warned of a reliability crisis if the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan isn’t eased to account for up to 134 GW of generation retirements by 2020, most of them coal-fired units.
NYISO: EPA Clean Power Plan Threatens Reliability for New York City
The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan threatens system reliability in New York City due to the city’s frequent dependence on local oil-fueled generators, NYISO said.
PJM: EPA Clean Power Plan Should Include Reliability ‘Safety Valve’
PJM called for a reliability “safety valve” in the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan to ensure that the final rule and state implementation plans include provisions for minimizing reliability impacts on the grid.
RGGI: EPA ‘Building Blocks’ May Overlook Progress of Early-Action States
RGGI generally supported the EPA Clean Power Plan and suggested other areas of the country could follow its lead.
Generators: EPA Clean Power Plan Interim Goals Unrealistic
Utilities and independent power producers said the Environmental Protection Agency should delay or eliminate the interim goals in its proposed Clean Power Plan.
EPA: More than 1.6M Comments in Response to Clean Power Plan
Janet McCabe, acting assistant administrator for the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, said last week that the agency had met with more than 300 groups and received more than 1.6 million comments since releasing its proposed carbon emission rule in June. Here are a few samples.

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