This Week's Featured Stories

After Delay, Split FERC Accepts ISO-NE Order 1000 Filing
A divided FERC accepted ISO-NE’s second regional compliance filing to implement Order 1000, a filing that had languished for more than a year while the commission had only four members.
Connecticut Resource Outlook Improves, but Challenges Remain
Connecticut regulators issued the state's 10-year integrated resource plan last week, warning of natural gas pipeline constraints and stiffer competition for renewable resources.
FERC: Hearing or Settlement on Dunkirk RSSA Charges
FERC last week ordered hearing and settlement procedures in a dispute over the costs of keeping NRG Energy’s Dunkirk, N.Y., generating plant online for reliability.
FERC Dismisses NY Generators’ ‘Price Suppression’ Complaint
IPPNY failed to persuade FERC that out-of-market payments that keep financially strapped generation operating to maintain system reliability suppress capacity prices.
FERC Upholds Most of New York City Market Power Order
FERC last week left intact most of its 2010 order meant to mitigate market power in New York City's capacity market.
Action on Ginna RSSA Delayed 4 Months
New York regulators last week delayed action on a financial lifeline for the R.E. Ginna nuclear plant in order to review its impact on ratepayers.
FERC Staff Endorses Niagara Mohawk ROE Settlement
FERC trial staff recommended approval of a settlement that would reduce transmission owner Niagara Mohawk Power’s return on equity to 10.03% from the current 11.5%.
NYISO Rejects Protests on Voltage Compensation
NYISO last week defended its proposed redesign of voltage support compensation, telling FERC it should reject calls by generators for additional inflation adjustments.
PJM News
FERC Rejects Dominion Rate Request
FERC rejected Dominion’s bid to push back the effective date for a rate revision, a change that would have cost customers $11.1 million.
PJM MRC/MC Preview
Our summary of the issues scheduled for votes at the PJM Markets and Reliability and Members committees Thursday.
MISO, PJM Ponder List of ‘Quick Hit’ Upgrades
MISO and PJM have identified what lower-voltage flowgate projects could be done quickly and cheaply on their own sides of the seam.
SPP News
FERC Rejects Order 1000 Waiver on SPP-SERTP Seam
FERC said last week that SPP must engage in interregional coordination and cost allocation with SERTP, rejecting the RTO’s request for a limited waiver of Order 1000 requirements.
FERC Nixes SPP Plan to Review TO Revenue Requirement Filings
FERC last week rejected SPP’s proposal that it review the information that transmission owners include in their initial revenue requirement filings after joining the RTO.
FERC & Federal News
FERC Accepts Formula Rate Protocols from MISO, SPP, PJM Utilities
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last week accepted revised transmission formula rate protocols by four SPP and MISO utilities that had deficient protocols.
FERC Approves NERC Risk-Based Registry
About 500 organizations will be relieved of some grid reliability regulations and another 200 exempted entirely under the North American Electric Reliability Corp.’s new method for classifying entities under its jurisdiction.
Generator Tie Lines Exempted from OATT Rules
Generation owners will be exempted from federal open access transmission rules, allowing them to reserve excess capacity on their tie lines for the first five years of operation, under an order approved by regulators last week.
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