FERC Approves Exelon-Pepco Merger

FERC yesterday approved Exelon’s proposed $6.8 billion acquisition of Pepco Holdings Inc., dismissing concerns from PJM stakeholders of increased market power, adverse effects on competition and increased rates.

PJM TEAC IDs 20 Market Efficiency Candidates
The PJM TEAC announced this morning that it had identified 20 candidates for “market efficiency” projects in the competitive window that opened Oct. 30.
GOP Election Victories Unlikely to Thwart EPA Carbon Plan
Republicans last week threatened to use oversight hearings and appropriations bills to blunt the Obama administration’s proposed carbon emissions rule after taking control of Congress in last week's elections.
FERC Staff Accuses Maxim Power of Cheating ISO-NE
FERC staff accused Canadian power producer Maxim Power of misrepresenting the output of its three New England generators and its cost of fuel.
Pipeline Capacity, Retirements Top Concerns in ISO-NE Annual Plan
ISO-NE released its annual report, highlighting the challenges related to plant retirements, inadequate gas infrastructure and initiatives in transmission planning, renewables and distributed resource integration.
FERC Rejects Consumers Energy Bid for MISO Must-Offer Waiver
FERC denied Consumers Energy’s request for a waiver from MISO’s must-offer requirement, three weeks after approving a similar request by IPL.
PJM Members Approve Intraday Updates to Generator Cost Schedules
Beginning in January, gas generators will be able to change their offers to reflect fluctuating fuel prices, under a proposal approved by the Operating Committee last week.
Mayben Retiring from PJM Board of Managers
William R. Mayben will retire next year after serving seven years on the PJM Board of Managers. Mayben will remain until a successor is named.
PJM MIC Briefs
A round-up of news from the PJM Market Implementation Committee on Nov. 7, 2014.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs
A round-up of news from the PJM Operating Committee on Nov. 5, 2014.
PJM Planning Committee Briefs
A round-up of news from the PJM Planning Committee on Nov. 4, 2014.
Cool Summer Means Weak Profits for Most Companies
Cooler summer weather took a toll on the third-quarter earnings of electric utilities in PJM's footprint.
Company Briefs
News briefs on companies in the PJM Interconnection this week, including AEP, NRG, Sunoco, SMECO and Fishermen's Energy.
Federal Briefs
News briefs on the federal agencies that impact those doing business in PJM's footprint. This week, we highlight the Energy Department, FERC and the NRC.
State Briefs
News briefs from the states within the PJM footprint. This week we include Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Latest on Capacity Performance
Operational Challenges May Limit PJM Capacity Performance Goal
Operational challenges and costs may limit the ability of generators to obtain the level of reliability envisioned in PJM’s Capacity Performance proposal, power industry experts said last week.
Coalitions Make Their Cases to PJM Board

Fourteen coalitions representing more than 80 stakeholders submitted briefing papers to the PJM Board of Managers Tuesday on the RTO’s Capacity Performance proposal. Don’t have time to read all 150 pages? No worries. We’ve summarized the groups’ concerns here.

EPA Signals Flexibility on Interim Carbon Targets, Coal-Gas Shift
Facing pushback to its carbon-reduction proposal, the EPA last week signaled a willingness to consider a slower shift from coal to natural gas generation and a regional approach to increasing renewables use.
Load, Supply Trade Blame over Offer Cap Impasse
PJM stakeholders representing supply and load accused each other of refusing to compromise on changes to the $1,000 offer cap Thursday in one of the most acrimonious debates in the last year.
IMM Calls for New PJM-Duke Progress JOA
PJM should revise its operating agreement with Duke Energy Progress to reflect the merger between Duke Energy and Progress Energy and eliminate Progress’ favored treatment on interchange pricing, according to the Market Monitor.
PJM Market Summit 2014
PJM DR Cos. Confident; Reject PJM EPSA Response
EnerNOC and Comverge executives say they are confident that demand response will continue to grow despite the appellate court ruling that threatens its continued participation in energy and capacity markets in PJM and other RTOs.
PJM Generators Seek Support for Cost of Capital Boost
Generators are attempting to persuade FERC to increase the cost of capital used in PJM's capacity market.