This Week's Featured Stories

CRUTHIRDS AT LARGE: La. PSC Questions Tx Spending
Louisiana PSC members questioned MISO officials about new transmission planned for their state, which is seeing a surge in industrial development.
Net Metering Battle Comes to Indiana
Solar energy advocates in Indiana are decrying a proposal that would allow utilities to seek fixed charges for customers generating their own electricity.
FERC OKs MISO, TO Rules on Formula Rate Challenges
FERC last week approved new rules governing how transmission customers can challenge formula rate filings by MISO transmission owners.
Sale Would End SSR, Clear Way for WE-Integrys Deal
Integrys and Wisconsin Energy hope to smooth the way for their merger with the sale of the Presque Isle generator to Upper Peninsula Power Co.
PJM News
Environmentalists, Think Tank Urge Rejection of Exelon-Pepco Merger
Environmentalists continued their campaign against Exelon’s takeover of Pepco, with activists urging the D.C. Council to oppose the deal and a think tank saying it would hurt both consumers and green energy.
PJM CEO Terry Boston Urges Consensus in 2015
Boston lamented that PJM took unilateral action on several contentious proposals sent to federal regulators in 2014 after stakeholders were unable to reach consensus, including the increase in the price-based energy offer cap.
FERC Denies IMEA Request for Extended Waiver on Capacity Obligation
FERC rejected a request from IMEA for an extended waiver that would allow it to use external capacity resources to serve its Naperville, Ill., load.
FERC Rejects Challenge on PJM Capacity Import Limit
FERC denied a challenge to PJM’s capacity import limit, rejecting rehearing requests by AMP, the Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency and IMEA.
ISO-NE CEO: Despite Mild Winter, Region Still Needs Infrastructure
December's mild weather shouldn’t lull policy makers into complacence about the region’s infrastructure needs, ISO-NE's CEO says.
Gas Price Spikes Likely Through 2019, Study Says
Massachusetts needs additional gas pipeline capacity to avoid severe energy shortages in the next few decades, a state-commissioned study said.
Interregional News
FERC Looks Again at Export Pricing for MISO MVPs
FERC ordered a paper hearing to revisit its decision to prohibit MISO from assessing export charges to PJM for multi-value projects that benefit PJM customers.
SPP, MISO Move Ahead on Flowgate Rules
FERC approved SPP’s market-to-market coordination rules with MISO, after the two RTOs resolved an earlier dispute over the creation of flowgates.
FERC Accepts Order 1000 Filings from PJM, MISO
FERC found that PJM partially complied with its second Order 1000 compliance order and conditionally approved MISO's third-round compliance filings.
FERC & Federal News
Protesters Interrupt FERC Open Meeting
FERC Chairman Cheryl LaFleur called an unscheduled recess to the commission’s monthly open meeting Thursday due to a series of interruptions by protestors from environmental group Beyond Extreme Energy.
DOE-Funded Report Suggests ‘ISO’ for Gas-Electric Communications
A U.S. Department of Energy-funded study on gas-electric coordination suggests natural gas pipeline operators create an independent system operator (ISO) to coordinate communications with electric grid operators.
FERC OKs NERC Standard on Protection Systems
FERC approved a revised reliability standard proposed by NERC that requires testing and maintenance of auto-reclosing relays.
FERC Files EPSA DR Appeal with Supreme Court
FERC yesterday asked the Supreme Court to overturn an appellate court ruling voiding its authority to demand response in RTOs, a day after PJM filed a contingency plan for including DR in its upcoming capacity auction.

NYISO CEO Stephen Whitley to Retire in 2016; Dewey, Rumsey Promoted
NYISO is reorganizing its leadership team in preparation for CEO Stephen Whitley’s plan to retire next year.
Tx Plan to Open NY Choke Points Without New ROWs
New York utilities have proposed revised transmission upgrades that would add 1,000 MW of capacity to relieve congestion in the Hudson Valley without obtaining new rights of way.
NYISO Supports TO Exemptions to BSM Rules
NYISO last week asked FERC to exempt competitive transmission, including the Champlain Hudson project, from the ISO’s buyer-side mitigation rules.
SPP News
Falling Oil Prices, Wind Exports Raise Concerns about SPP Transmission Expansion

SPP members last week approved spending $270 million on transmission improvements over the next five years, but not before stakeholders expressed misgivings about the investment.

SPP Moves Forward on Change to Generator Mitigation Rules
SPP members OK'd a change in the way the RTO calculates offer caps for generators under market mitigation.
Company Briefs
News briefs on companies doing business with RTOs. This week we include PPL, Dominion, NextEra, Duke, Exelon and NRG.
Federal Briefs
News briefs on the federal agencies that impact those doing business in the RTO footprints. This week we include FERC, the NRC and the Department of the Interior.
State Briefs
News briefs from the states within the footprint of RTOs. This week we include Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

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