October 1, 2014
NERC on Polar Vortex Performance: Good, Could be Better
Grid operators demonstrated resiliency during January’s polar vortex but more needs to be done to prepare for future cold spells, NERC said in a report released today. -more-
Exelon Adding 2,000 MW, 50% Increase, in ERCOT
Exelon Generation is adding another 2,000 MW of fossil generation to its fleet in Texas, bringing the company’s total generation in ERCOT to nearly 6,000 MW. -more-
Duke Part of $8B Wind Power, Compressed-Air Storage Project
Duke Energy is joining a novel $8 billion project using Wyoming wind energy and Utah salt mines to provide power to Los Angeles, the first time underground compressed-air storage would be used on such a scale in the U.S. -more-
Under Fire, PJM Changing Capacity Proposal
PJM to Stakeholders: We Hear You

PJM officials said Wednesday they are amending their proposed capacity overhaul in response to dozens of mostly critical stakeholder comments.

Something for Everyone to Dislike in Capacity Performance Proposal
Virtually all of the stakeholders who commented on PJM's proposed Capacity Performance product agreed that it goes too far, creates too much risk and is being rushed through the stakeholder process too quickly. -more-
Company Briefs
News briefs on companies in the PJM Interconnection this week, including the Tennessee Valley Authority, Exelon, Duke, PSE&G and Dominion. -more-
Federal Briefs
News briefs on the federal agencies that impact those doing business in PJM's footprint. This week, we highlight the EPA, FERC, the NRC and the Energy Department. -more-
State Briefs
News briefs from the states within the PJM footprint. This week we include Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. -more-
Appeals Court Snuffs Hope for FERC Demand Response Jurisdiction
An appellate court rejected requests by FERC, PJM and other parties for an en banc review of a May 23 ruling by a three-judge panel that overturned Order 745, voiding FERC’s jurisdiction over demand response compensation. -more-
Market Monitor on Talen Plan: Not So Fast
PPL’s plan to spin off its generation into Talen Energy needs additional mitigation to address local market power concerns, PJM’s Independent Market Monitor told FERC last week. -more-
Members Deadlock on Change to $1,000 Offer Cap
PJM stakeholders deadlocked Thursday over changes to the $1,000 energy offer cap, leaving the RTO’s board considering yet another unilateral filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. -more-
Brattle: Missing Energy Efficiency Costing PJM Load $433M Annually
PJM electric consumers are spending $433 million a year in excess capacity because the RTO’s load forecasts fail to capture the full impact of energy efficiency, according to a report by The Brattle Group. -more-
The News from FERC
Gas Trading Platform Finds Few Takers at Moeller Meeting
Natural gas industry representatives reacted coolly last week to the idea of a centralized gas trading platform, suggesting the industry could improve its service to electric generators through smaller, incremental changes. -more-
LaFleur Puts Stamp on FERC with Appointments
A senior-level retirement has given Cheryl LaFleur an opportunity to put her stamp on FERC during her brief chairmanship. -more-
PPL, Pa. PUC Rebuffed on Qualifying Facility Exemption
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last week rejected for a second time PPL Electric Utilities’ request to be relieved from its obligation to purchase the output of an 18-MW qualifying facility (QF) in Pennsylvania. -more-
FERC Backs NERC, NAESB Standards
FERC approved actions on four standards and policies proposed by NERC and NAESB last week. -more-
FERC, New York PSC to Meet on Capacity, Regulatory Reform
FERC and New York regulators will hold a joint technical conference Nov. 5 to discuss the state’s capacity market and its plan to revamp the utility business model to accommodate renewable energy and distributed resources. -more-
FERC Commissioners at Odds over ISO-NE Capacity Auction

FERC called for changes in ISO-NE’s capacity market rules but split over whether it should reject the results from the ISO’s February auction due to unchecked market power.

More PJM News
PJM to Generators: Provide Operating Parameters in Writing
PJM will revise its eMKT application to capture more detailed information and require generation owners to use it to verify their operating parameters under a proposal outlined to members last week. -more-
MRC Hears Proposed Reserve Requirements Rule Changes
The Markets and Reliability Committee heard first read Thursday on proposed rule changes to day-ahead resource commitment and scheduling reserve requirements. -more-
Two of 4 Artificial Island Finalists Offer Cost Caps
Two of the finalists for the Artificial Island transmission fix have offered to cap their costs while a third has teamed up with Pepco Holdings Inc. in a bid to improve its chances. -more-
PJM Revising Policy on Prohibited Investments
PJM plans to add a new section to its Operating Agreement that will include a new definition of prohibited investments. -more-
Poll Finds Members Evenly Divided over MRC/MC Meeting Sites
Members who responded to a PJM survey are about equally divided over the preferred meeting site for the Markets and Reliability and Members committees. -more-
MRC/MC Briefs
A summary of measures approved by the PJM Markets and Reliability and Members Committees on Sept. 18, 2014. -more-
UTC Trading Falls Following FERC Order
Up-to-congestion trading plummeted by about two thirds this week following a FERC order that could result in sharply increased costs for traders. -more-
Dynegy: Change MISO Capacity Rules or We’ll Join PJM
Dynegy said last week it may seek to move its Illinois generation to PJM unless MISO changes its capacity market rules. -more-

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