Saturday, March 23, 2019

Company Briefs

AEP Shuffles Generators,; Focuses on Transmission

Nick Akins

Nick Akins

American Electric Power moved its Ohio generation into a separate subsidiary in December and acknowledged that it could consider selling the assets. “They’re ahead of their pack in terms of jumping on the transmission bandwagon,” said a UBS Securities analyst.

Meanwhile, President and CEO Nick Akins assumed the position of chairman as well.

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Rogers Heads to Retirement

Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers’ seven-year run atop Duke Energy ends this month in a rush of industry tributes, legacy look-backs and, like a retiring Super Bowl champion, a trip to Disney World.

“My best guess is that Jim Rogers is someone who wanted to do more toward clean energy than he ever found a way to make happen during his time,” environmentalist Jim Warren said. “I favor that over a more cynical approach that he was more a figment of corporate PR or greenwashing.”

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Start-ups, Google Pursue Airborne Turbines

aerial wind turbine (Source: Altaeros Energies)

aerial wind turbine (Source: Altaeros Energies)

University of Delaware wind power researcher Cristina Archer sees the Great Plains as an ideal place for airborne wind turbines in the summertime because of the presence of something called “wind speed maxima,” strong currents of wind that resemble the jet stream but occur at much lower altitudes.

Airborne wind turbines are devices resembling blimps or gliders that can generate electricity as they are flown like kites in the lower atmosphere. Activity on the concept has accelerated in the past five years with at least 20 startup companies working on various concepts, including Makani Power, which was acquired by Google in May.

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