Saturday, March 23, 2019

Company Briefs

Dominion Touts Uranium Use

Dominion LogoAs USEC’s Megatons to Megawatts program ends, Dominion Resources noted its own role in burning up uranium from Russian nuclear warheads. According to the company, Dominion’s nuclear stations in Virginia, Connecticut and Wisconsin used the equivalent of 429 warheads. Dominion Virginia Power’s two North Anna reactors used the equivalent of 99 warheads and the two Surry reactors the equivalent of 136.

More: Richmond Times-Dispatch

FirstEnergy Makes Executive Moves

James Pearson (Source: FirstEnergy)

James Pearson (Source: FirstEnergy)

James Pearson, senior vice president and CFO, will begin reporting to President and CEO Anthony Alexander with the Jan. 1 retirement of Pearson’s boss, Mark Clark. Clark, executive vice president for finance and strategy served 37 years with the company.

John Judge, vice president and chief risk officer, will report to Pearson. The moves are among a number of changes the company said will expand the responsibilities of key executives and reflect its focus on its regulated businesses.

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