Monday, April 23, 2018

ERCOT Briefs: Week of June 28

June Sees 3 New Demand Highs

Sweltering temperatures led to three new ERCOT demand records in quick succession during June. The ISO has set eight highs for monthly demand during the last 12 months.

The Texas grid operator recorded consecutive peaks of 66.7 GW, 67.5 GW and 67.7 GW during the afternoon of June 23. The final number, and new record, came during the 4 p.m. hour, breaking the previous record of 66.5 GW set in June 2012.

ERCOT operators monitor the Texas grid. | © RTO Insider

ERCOT has projected a new all-time demand peak of nearly 73 GW this summer. The current record of 71.1 GW was set last August. (See ERCOT Sees Enough Generation Through 2022, 73-GW Peak for Summer.)

TAC Approves Revision Requests in Email Vote

ERCOT stakeholders unanimously approved a pair of revision requests in an email vote last week, following the earlier cancellation of the monthly scheduled Technical Advisory Committee meeting.

Both changes were approved by 22-0 margins. The TAC has 30 voting members.

  • NOGRR170: Revises the Nodal Operating Guide to be consistent with NPRR824 language related to NERC Reliability Standards EOP-011-1 (Emergency Operations) and BAL-001-2 (Real Power Balancing Control Performance).
  • RRGRR014: Conforms the Resource Registration glossary to the as-built release, which captured baseline updates before the approvals of RRGRR006 and RRGRR007. Adds solar resource registration inputs omitted from the greybox tab for RRGRR009.

— Tom Kleckner