Wednesday, March 20, 2019

McIntyre Discloses Brain Tumor Surgery

FERC Chairman Kevin McIntyre disclosed Sunday that he underwent successful surgery for a brain tumor that was discovered last summer.

The disclosure, made in a statement posted on FERC’s website, appears to explain the dramatic difference in McIntyre’s appearance between his Senate confirmation hearing in September and his swearing in in December, after his hair — apparently having been partly shaved — was beginning to grow back.

FERC CAISO Kevin McIntyre Kevin and Rich Gates

FERC Chairman Kevin McIntyre at his Senate confirmation hearing in September 2017 (right) and his testimony before the Senate in January (left), after his hair — apparently having been partly shaved — was beginning to grow back.| © RTO Insider

The health issues also may have played a part in McIntyre’s delayed arrival at FERC. He took office on Dec. 7, more than a week after Commissioner Richard Glick; both were confirmed by the Senate on Nov. 2.

McIntyre said he issued the statement because of inquiries about his health. He said the tumor was discovered unexpectedly last summer. “Through an incidental finding, i.e., a medical issue discovered by accident, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was very fortunate that the tumor was relatively small, that I had no symptoms and that I was otherwise in excellent health.

“Thereafter, I underwent successful surgery, followed by the post-operative treatment that is the standard of care for my situation. I was advised at the time that, with the surgery and subsequent treatment behind me, I should expect to be able to maintain my usual active lifestyle, including working full time, and that expectation has proven to be accurate.”

The chairman expressed gratitude for the support he received from those who had been aware of his situation “especially those in the White House, Congress and the FERC.”

He said he did not intend to provide further details or updates “for reasons of personal and family privacy.”

“I am grateful that my health is now stable and that I am able to devote my full energy to serving the American public every day as chairman of the FERC and continuing to work to earn the trust that has been placed in me,” he said.
McIntyre joined FERC after two decades at Jones Day, where he represented energy clients in administrative and appellate litigation, compliance and enforcement matters, and corporate transactions.

— Rich Heidorn Jr.