Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Energy Market News

New MISO Platform Headed to the Cloud

Staff engaged in MISO’s ongoing market system replacement will this year focus on moving the platform to the cloud and creating a single means of submitting modeling data. | © RTO Insider

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Monitor Sees Problems with PJM Reserve Pricing Plan

PJM’s proposed revisions to how it prices reserves in its energy market necessitates changes in the RTO’s capacity market to prevent substantial overpayment by customers for electricity, Monitor Joe Bowring said. | Monitoring Analytics

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ERCOT Briefs: Week of Jan. 7, 2019

The Texas Public Utility Commission is asking legislators to help provide clarity on whether transmission and distribution utilities can own and operate energy storage devices. | © RTO Insider

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NYISO Order 844 Tariff Revisions Approved

FERC on Friday accepted NYISO’s compliance filing for Order 844, which directs each RTO/ISO to establish procedures for reporting uplift payments, operator-initiated commitments and transmission constraint penalty factors. | Potomac Economics

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