Friday, December 14, 2018

Environmental Regulations News

High Failure Rate for Western Ballot Measures

Backers of energy-related ballot measures faced defeat on nearly every front in the West on Tuesday as voters in Arizona, Nevada and Washington rejected a series of proposals that became the subject of costly campaigns.

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Methane Tax Suggested to Reduce Emissions

Kleinman Center for Energy Policy methane tax carbon markets

Methane emissions might be reduced by making them part of the carbon markets being considered, panelists said at a policy forum hosted by The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy. | © RTO Insider

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CAISO Symposium Looks to Grid’s Future

CAISO stakeholder symposium electrification

The 1,000 or so attendees at CAISO’s Stakeholder Symposium got a glimpse of what the future could hold during the event’s 10th anniversary at the Sacramento Convention Center. | © RTO Insider

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