Saturday, March 23, 2019


Counterflow: The Test of Time

In his latest “Counterflow” column, Steve Huntoon revists his skeptical analyses of Big Transmission, microgrids and grid batteries, with a note about New York energy policy. | NREL

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Kavanaugh on FERC: Keg Half Full

Kavanaugh FERC supreme court

Columnist Steve Huntoon dispels the notion that recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is against independent agencies such as FERC. | D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

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offshore wind levelized cost Lazard

Huntoon argues that offshore wind is in reality anti-wind because it is cost ineffective.

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Please Feel Free to Surprise Us

ferc doe coal nuclear bailout

The authors of the DOE memo supporting a bailout of coal and nuclear plants took the spaghetti approach – throw everything against the wall and hope something sticks. Columnist Steve Huntoon details the memo’s untruths.

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