Saturday, March 23, 2019

Special Reports

New York Looks to Expand Energy Programs in 2019

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new energy efforts will build on New York’s energy-related progress over the past year, which included a draft carbon pricing proposal, energy storage programs and new targets for offshore wind and energy efficiency. | © RTO Insider

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Regulators Examine MISO, SPP Seams Issues at NARUC

MISO, SPP and their stakeholders have been flummoxed in recent years by market coordination, interregional planning and other issues across the grid operators’ seam. Now, the regulators are stepping in. | FERC Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur

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Overheard at OMS 2018 Annual Meeting

The Organization of MISO States reflected on its 15 years of existence and looked ahead to how its member states can best accommodate an evolving grid. | © RTO Insider

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Overheard at TREIA GridNEXT 2018

GridNEXT 2018 renewable energy developers

The Texas Renewable Energy Industries Alliance’s (TREIA) 2018 GridNEXT Conference attracted a devoted group of renewable energy developers and marketers. | © RTO Insider

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Doubling Down – with Other People’s Money

PJM’s lax credit policy allowed two traders involved in the 2013 JP Morgan market manipulation scandal to run up as much as $140 million in FTR losses — losses that other market participants will have to pay. | Google

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