Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Transmission Planning News

More Info Needed on Tx Line Options, MD PSC Says

The Maryland Public Service Commission extended the schedule for its review of Transource Energy’s controversial Independence Energy Connection for 30 days to allow parties to provide additional evidence on proposed alternatives. | Transource

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PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: Jan. 10, 2019

PJM is considering changing interconnection rules to accommodate transmission serving offshore wind generation, RTO officials told the Planning Committee. | General Electric

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Texas PUC Briefs: Dec. 22, 2018

The Public Utility Commission of Texas preliminarily approved a certificate of convenience and necessity for CenterPoint’s proposed 345-kV project near Houston.

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PJM MRC Briefs: Dec. 20, 2018

The PJM Board of Managers asked stakeholders for continued patience with the board’s ongoing investigation into the default of GreenHat Energy’s FTR portfolio. | © RTO Insider

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NYISO Management Committee Briefs: Dec. 19, 2018

The NYISO Board of Directors have reached a unanimous decision on the AC Public Policy Transmission Project and will release its decision by Dec. 27, Interim CEO Robert Fernandez told the Management Committee Wednesday. | Potomac Economics

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PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: Dec. 13, 2018

PJM is reformatting and drafting clarifications to Manual 14B: PJM Region Transmission Planning Process that may impact the RTO’s planning modeling. | © RTO Insider

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SPP Briefs: Week of Dec. 3, 2018

SPP’s Holistic Integrated Tariff Team wrapped up the educational portion of its work and will now begin refining high-level recommendations to the board. | © RTO Insider

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