Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Manual Changes

The Operating Committee approved changes to the following two manuals on May 7.

Manual 03: Transmission Operations

Reason for changes: Semi-annual update.

Impact: Incorporates procedure changes (e.g., updates voltage limits, adds ComEd interface).

Manual 03A: Energy Management System (EMS) Model Updates and Quality Assurance

Reason for changes: Updates and clarity.

Impact: Numerous changes including:

  • New section 1.7 discussing Transmission Service Agreements and data requirements; specifies that updates must come from both transmission and generation owners.
  • Section 3.3: defines emergency ratings as capability up to 4 hours and load dump ratings as capability up to 15 minutes; eliminated statement that 3% separation is required between emergency & load dump.
  • New section 4.4 detailing tie line cut-in process.

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