Tuesday, March 19, 2019

MISO, SPP Monitors to Conduct Seams Analysis

By Tom Kleckner

State regulators are bringing in the MISO and SPP market monitors to help solve seams issues between the two RTOs.

Potomac Economics’ Michael Wander | © RTO Insider

The Organization of MISO States and SPP’s Regional State Committee’s Liaison Committee has asked MISO’s Independent Market Monitor Potomac Economics and SPP’s Market Monitoring Unit to conduct a seams analysis and identify “specific seams issues from their perspective.”

MMU’s Keith Collins | © RTO Insider

Potomac’s Michael Wander and the MMU’s Keith Collins will provide a list of issues to Missouri Public Service Commissioner and OMS President Daniel Hall and Kansas Corporation Commissioner Shari Feist Albrecht, the committee’s chair and vice chair, respectively. Committee members are scheduled to hold a March 15 conference call to narrow the list for the monitors’ analysis.

“Hopefully, they will pick issues that can be monetized for ratepayers,” Hall said during a March 1 conference call.

Hall said he prefers a single report from the monitors but agreed two reports might be appropriate should their perspectives differ.

The MISO-SPP seam | ACES

The Liaison Committee has been meeting since mid-2018 to help improve the grid operators’ interregional coordination, which has never produced a major project. That has frustrated some stakeholders and caused market inefficiencies.

Members met most recently in a closed session during the February National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners meeting. (See “OMS-RSC Talks Continue,” OMS Taps State Attorney for Leadership Role.)

Future meetings will be open to the public, Hall said then.

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