Tuesday, March 19, 2019

October Brings MISO Lower Prices, Wind Record

CARMEL, Ind. — MISO set an all-time wind output record and experienced lower demand and prices during a relatively cool October, the RTO said last week.

Load peaked for the month at 89 GW on Oct. 9, and averaged 70 GW, 6 GW lower than in September, beginning the “seasonal transition to cooler weather conditions,” MISO Senior Director of Systemwide Operations Rob Benbow said during a Nov. 14 Informational Forum meeting.

Energy prices averaged $28/MWh in the day-ahead market and $27/MWh in the real-time market for the month, a 10% decline from September. Natural gas prices lingered around $2.84/MMBtu, lower than September’s $2.94/MMBtu average. Real-time make-whole payments fell by more than half, from just more than $13 million to $6.5 million.

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Propelled by the windier shoulder season, MISO’s wind energy output spiked during the month, setting a new peak wind output record of 14.3 GW on Oct. 30, 0.6 GW higher than the previous record set in December 2016.

Benbow said the increased output was primarily driven by an increase in installed wind capacity throughout 2017. MISO’s registered wind capacity currently stands at about 16.8 GW.

— Amanda Durish Cook

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