Thursday, February 21, 2019

PJM Board Expands Avenues for Feedback on Market Monitor

By Rory D. Sweeney

Joe Bowring, PJM’s Independent Market Monitor | © RTO Insider

WILMINGTON, Del. — PJM members will have two new avenues for feedback on the RTO’s Independent Market Monitor starting in January, the Board of Managers announced in a Dec. 5 letter.

The board will circulate an annual questionnaire, starting in January, for members to voice opinions on the Monitor. The letter didn’t suggest what questions are likely to be included.

Additionally, the board has asked the RTO to retain Michael Bardee to serve as a year-round external liaison “to receive direct member feedback” that will be reported to the board’s Competitive Markets Committee. Bardee has served as FERC’s general counsel and the director of the commission’s Office of Electric Reliability. Members can contact him at or 1-833-705-8428.

“The board is confident that this two-tiered approach will provide a broad and unbiased perspective, a committed level of accountability, and a means to a more complete understanding of strengths and potential areas of improvement,” the board said.

The decision “to broaden and formalize the way [the board] collects and assesses information about market monitoring in PJM and to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to give feedback” came as a recent suggestion through the RTO’s Liaison Committee, according to the letter.

“We welcome transparent feedback,” Monitor Joe Bowring said in an email response. “We are always interested in market participants’ opinions. We look forward to continuing dialogue with market participants about all aspects of markets and the market monitoring function. As part of that, we are having a regular meeting of the [Market Monitoring Unit Advisory Committee] this Friday and all PJM members and others are welcome to participate.”