Thursday, February 21, 2019

TO Upgrades Dominate PJM Order 1000 Transmission Proposals

PJM’s most recent competitive window for transmission projects attracted 63 proposals from 12 entities, the majority of them transmission owner upgrades.

The second window in the 2014 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan was open to proposals addressing transmission owner criteria, 2019 baseline n-1 voltage, 2019 n-1-1 voltage and 2018 light load reliability criteria problems. The proposals address about 49 facilities with thermal violations and 69 with voltage problems in nine TO zones.

Of the 63 proposals, 43 were transmission owner upgrades (ranging in cost from $200,000 to $71 million) and 20 are greenfield projects ($6.1 million to $450 million).

The window, the result of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 1000, was open from Oct. 17 through Nov. 17, although PJM extended the deadline for proposals regarding violations in one area to Dec. 5.

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