Thursday, February 21, 2019

CAISO Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) News

Overheard at the NARUC Winter Policy Summit

More than 1,000 policymakers and industry officials gathered in D.C. for the NARUC Winter Policy Summit, where they heard discussions on the future of coal and nuclear power, among many other topics. | © RTO Insider

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Western EIM Looks to Expand its Authority

The Western Energy Imbalance Market Governing Body heard from stakeholders about proposals to increase the market’s say over its existing interstate real-time market and an expanded day-ahead market. | CAISO

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New Mexico Regulators Say PNM Can Join EIM

New Mexico regulators gave PNM permission to join the Western Energy Imbalance Market, clearing the way for utility to begin participating in April 2021. | Public Service Company of New Mexico

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Western EIM Reports Record Benefits

CAISO said Monday its Western Energy Imbalance Market has produced more than a half-billion dollars in benefits for participants since its founding five years ago, including more than $100 million in benefits in the third quarter of 2018. | CAISO

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