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ERCOT Board of Directors News

ERCOT BoD Briefs: June 13, 2017

lubbock power & light from spp to ercot

The ERCOT board learned that further analysis indicates Lubbock Power & Light’s potential transition from SPP could result in as much as $77 million in increased production costs. | © RTO Insider

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ERCOT Briefs

Jorge Bermudez has resigned from one of five unaffiliated positions on ERCOT’s Board of Directors after his recent marriage triggered a conflict of interest.

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ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs

ercot board of directors, reliability-must-run

ERCOT looks to stakeholders to improve its reliability-must-run (RMR) practices, as the grid operator sees real-time prices fall 26% in the first half of 2016.

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