Sunday, April 30, 2017

SPP Strategic Planning Committee News

SPP Moves to Head off KCP&L Measure on Tx Cost Shifts

Kansas City Power & Light’s proposal for addressing cost shifts led to a free-wheeling discussion on transmission pricing and the unintended consequences of proposed Tariff changes at SPP’s Strategic Planning Committee meeting Thursday.

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Strategic Planning Committee Briefs

A summary of issues discussed by the SPP Strategic Planning Committee on Jan. 14, 2016, including the Clean Power Plan and the Transmission Planning Improvement Task Force.

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SPP Task Force Debates CPP Compliance

SPP’s Clean Power Plan Review Task Force delved into a recent staff survey of members that asked whether they preferred a rate-based or mass-based compliance approach.

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SPP Briefs

A collection of issues being discussed by SPP stakeholders, including the RTO’s voting procedures, the Clean Power Plan and reliability for this winter.

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