Tuesday, January 22, 2019

SPP Closes Book on Regional Entity

The SPP Regional Entity’s Board of Trustees on Thursday officially terminated the RE’s regional delegation agreement, shutting it down effective 5 p.m. CT Friday.

The trustees approved a motion to terminate the agreement during a brief phone call that was delayed until Trustee Steve Whitley could join Chair Dave Christiano and create a quorum. Staff patched Whitley in over a speakerphone from SPP headquarters. Trustee Mark Maher was unable to attend.

SPP RE Trustees Chair Dave Christiano (left), President Ron Ciesiel | © RTO Insider

The meeting was a formality, as FERC in May approved the RE’s dissolution, effective Aug. 31 (RR18-3), and the transfer of its 122 registered entities to the Midwest Reliability Organization and SERC Reliability Corp. (See FERC Approves Dissolution of SPP RE.) The order ended a reliability oversight role that had been a source of concern at the commission and NERC and revised the delegated agreements among NERC, MRO and SERC to reflect their new geographic footprints.

The RE has been working since then to transfer data and files to its members’ new REs and purging its own files.

“We have absolutely nothing left, other than a bank account,” RE President Ron Ciesiel told the trustees. He said the RE’s books will be closed in about a week, and the remaining funds transferred to NERC, MRO and SERC.

“We’re ready to close the doors,” said Ciesiel, noting he and remaining RE staffers Kevin Perry and Joe Gertsch would be “mustered out” of SPP following the conference call. Ciesiel said the rest of the RE’s original staff have been placed elsewhere within the RTO or “made other decisions.”

MRO CEO Sara Patrick joined with Ciesiel, Christiano and Whitley in complimenting staff and the entities for their work during the transition.

“I know this was an unprecedented development, and certainly not something anyone anticipated,” she said. “I appreciate it’s gone as smoothly as it has.”

“I think our registered entities are in good hands,” Christiano said.

Regional Entities | NERC

SPP announced in July 2017 that it was dissolving the RE, citing a mismatch between its and SPP’s footprints. (See SPP to Dissolve Regional Entity.) NERC’s Board of Trustees approved the dissolution earlier this year. (See NERC Board Approves Dissolving SPP Regional Entity.)

NERC will assume the compliance monitoring and enforcement of the RTO for two years following the delegated agreement’s termination date, after which it will determine a successor.

Christiano closed the call by uttering “sine die” — business adjourned, with no appointed date for resumption.

SPP Files for Cancellation of WAPA Operating Agreement

SPP filed with FERC on Aug. 28 to cancel its joint operating agreement with the Western Area Power Administration (ER18-2326).

The JOA was rendered moot by SPP’s integration of the Integrated System in October 2015, when the WAPA-Upper Great Plains Region transferred functional control of its transmission facilities to the RTO.

The agreement, which dates back to 2012, expired by its own terms on June 21. SPP filed a three-year extension in 2015 that was accepted by FERC.

— Tom Kleckner