December 10, 2023

Conservation Law Foundation

Fletcher6, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Clean Energy Groups Don’t Buy ISO-NE’s Gas Reliance
Environmental and clean energy advocates say ISO-NE needs to quickly pivot to clean energy and avoid investing more money in fossil fuel infrastructure.
Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Mass. Sets New 2025, 2030 Emissions Goals
Mass. Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Bethany Card adopted state emissions limits of 33% below 1990 levels of emissions by 2025 and 50% by 2030.
Legislators Step into NH’s Battle over EE Program
Recent uncertainty over New Hampshire’s energy efficiency program continued as the House of Representatives passed a bill to govern its pricing.
ISO-NE Internal Market Monitor
Monitor, Merchants Challenge ISO-NE Plan to Eliminate MOPR
Merchant generators joined ISO-NE’s Internal Market Monitor in warning that the RTO’s proposal to eliminate MOPR will suppress prices.
Overheard at NECA Power Markets: ‘Unqualified Reliability’ is Out
Vermont DPS Commissioner June Tierney says ISO-NE must “achieve reliability, fueled by renewability with a keen eye on affordability.”
Fletcher6, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
RGGI Centers Environmental Justice in 3rd Program Review
Phelps Turner with Conservation Law Foundation Maine says RGGI should allocate at least 70% of program investments to overburdened communities.
GlobalFoundries’ Bid for Vt. Utility Status Could Trip up 100% Renewable Proposal
Semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries wants to procure its own electricity from ISO-NE and be exempt from the Vermont's renewable energy standard.
NH Regulators Order DER Study; Cut Net Metering Credits
New Hampshire regulators took the first step toward an overhaul of their net metering rules, reducing compensation for rooftop solar owners.
ISO-NE: Won’t Override States on Public Policy Tx Needs
ISO-NE rejected a request to conduct an independent analysis on whether renewable energy and carbon reduction policies are creating a need for transmission.
NESCOE Defends Role in Identifying Public Policy Tx Needs
NESCOE said that only states should have the ability to identify public policy-driven transmission needs for evaluation by ISO-NE.

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