December 11, 2023

DC fast chargers (DCFCs)

Report Shows Rapidly Growing Need for EV Chargers in California

California will need to double its public EV charging infrastructure between 2030 and 2035, according to a new report by the state's Energy Commission.

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Automakers Pledge to Put 30K EV Chargers on US Highways

Seven major automakers pledged to install 30,000 DC fast chargers in the U.S., which would more than double the current fast charging infrastructure.

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Western Grid Challenges Weighed at WCPSC Meeting
Western regulators heard from a power panel of CEOs on maintaining grid reliability in the face of fires, storms, extreme heat and supply chain disruptions.
State of New Jersey
Rest Stop Operator Seeks Piece of $166M NJ EV Charger Push
A rest stop operator is negotiating with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to install electric vehicle chargers along the state’s two main highway arteries.
NY DPS Urges More Funding for EV Make-Ready Program
New York Department of Public Service staff recommended a 58% funding increase for the state’s EV Make-Ready Program for electric vehicle infrastructure.
National Grid
Study Projects Power Demands of Highway EV Charging Network
A new study by National Grid suggests that states and utilities must move swiftly to equip the grid to support the travel needs of electric vehicles.
Electrify America
Inflation Hampering Efforts to Expand EV Charging Network in NY
New York utilities say rising costs are hampering their efforts to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure through the EV Make-Ready Program.
Go Electric Oregon
West Coast NEVI Plans to Charge Up I-5 … and Beyond
EV drivers along the West Coast's I-5 should soon feel less range anxiety thanks to funds provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
House Committee Debates EVs as Response to Russia
A hearing on EVs turned into a battleground as Democrats and Republicans debated sharply different strategies for responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
PG&E Proposes Buildout of EV Charging Infrastructure
PG&E is proposing to build infrastructure for 16,000 EV charging ports at public locations, as well as sites convenient for apartment residents.

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