December 11, 2023

extended day-ahead market (EDAM)

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Idaho PUC Declines to Join Western RTO Governance Effort

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission last week said it will not join with other state regulators in an initiative to lay the groundwork for an independent RTO designed to serve the entire Western Interconnection.

CAISO Files EDAM Proposal with FERC
CAISO asked FERC to approve the rules for its EDAM and revisions to its existing day-ahead market, intended to more accurately forecast load.
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In Contest for the West, Markets+ Gathers Momentum — and Skeptics
While some stakeholders are ‘charmed’ by SPP’s market initiative effort, others urge need for deeper tie to CAISO.
WEIM Tops $4B in Benefits Months After Hitting $3B
The Western Energy Imbalance Market topped $4 billion in cumulative benefits in the second quarter of 2023, just six months after it topped the $3 billion mark.
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Regulators Propose New Independent Western RTO
The competition for organized markets in the West grew Friday as the Bonneville Power Administration launched a process to choose between day-ahead markets proposed by CAISO and SPP and regulators from five Western states urged the establishment of a new, independent RTO covering the entire West.
CAISO, WEIM Approve Day-ahead Market Enhancements
Changes meant to improve the performance of CAISO’s day-ahead market and the planned day-ahead expansion of its Western Energy Imbalance Market won board approval.
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Markets+ State Committee Adopts Inclusive Membership Policy
Western state regulators unanimously approved a revised charter for the Markets+ State Committee allowing additional states and Canadian provinces to join.
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Western Day-Ahead Markets Debated at CREPC-WIRAB
Panelists at the CREPC-WIRAB spring meeting argued over whether the West would benefit more from a day-ahead market run by CAISO or with another run by SPP.
Western EIM Expands to Texas
Three new entities joined CAISO's Western Energy Imbalance Market, including El Paso Electric, which expanded the market into Texas for the first time.
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EBA Addresses ‘Zeitgeist’ of Western Regionalization
The Energy Bar Association Western Chapter heard panelists and CAISO's CEO discuss rapidly evolving efforts to organize markets and an RA program in the West.

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