December 3, 2023

LG&E and KU

FERC Approves Batch of Line Ratings Compliance Filings
FERC approved the compliance filings of six transmission providers, including those of NYISO and CAISO, with Order 88.
SEEM Members Seek to Quash Rehearing Requests
Members of the Southeast Energy Exchange Market argued on Monday for FERC to deny a rehearing request filed earlier this month by the market's opponents.
FERC OKs LGE, Kentucky Utilities Filing on Regional Cost Recovery
FERC accepted a compliance filing from Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities to hold joint meetings on regional transmission projects.
FERC Accepts Formula Rate Protocols from MISO, SPP, PJM Utilities
FERC last week accepted revised transmission formula rate protocols by four SPP and MISO utilities that had deficient protocols.
MISO Wins Waiver on Tx Requests in SPP Seams Battle
FERC granted MISO’s request to suspend action on long-term TSRs between its north and south regions as it tries to resolve its seams dispute with SPP.
Duke Sees $3.4B Coal Ash Cleanup Bill; Who’s Next?
Duke Energy has filed a plan with North Carolina environmental agencies to remove millions of tons of coal ash from four of its sites in the state, the beginning of a massive coal ash remediation effort the company estimates will cost $3.4 billion.
State Briefs
News briefs from the states within the PJM footprint. This week we include Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
State Briefs
State briefs from around PJM's territory. Included this week are Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
Import Cap Approved; Capacity Prices May Rise
PJM will reduce the volume of imports that clear in next year’s Base Residual Auction – potentially increasing capacity prices – under methodology approved by the Planning Committee yesterday.
Import Cap Likely to Settle About 9,000 MW
PJM is considering five capacity import zones with a combined limit (e.g. import cap) of 8,400 to 11,000 MW, officials told the Planning Committee Friday.

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