December 3, 2023

long-range transmission plan

NJ Foresees ‘Horse Trading’ with Other PJM States over Tx Costs
New Jersey hopes for “horse trading” with other PJM states over the cost of transmission needed to integrate offshore wind and other renewables.
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FERC OKs MISO’s Bifurcated Cost-allocation Tx Design
FERC has allowed MISO to use a separate-but-equal postage stamp rate divided between MISO Midwest and MISO South for some of its major transmission buildout.
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Stakeholders to MISO: Don’t Preclude Generation from Tx Cost Sharing
Cost allocation negotiations for the second half of MISO’s long-range transmission planning heated up over whether generators should bear a portion of costs.
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MISO Focuses Stakeholders on $10B LRTP Projects
MISO convened a special edition of its Planning Advisory Committee to drive home the urgency for more than $10 billion in long-range transmission projects.
MISO Updates Stakeholders on $10B Long-range Tx Package
MISO's sprawling, long-range transmission portfolio now stands at $10.4 billion.
MISO Delays $13B Long-range Portfolio’s Recommendation
MISO has again pushed back the date it will recommend $13 billion dollars’ worth of long-range transmission projects to its board of directors.
Midwest Experts Say Tx, Market Changes Key to Reliability
Transmission construction & MISO market facelifts can help the Midwest reliably adjust to a new resource reality, panelists said during an EBA teleconference.
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Stakeholders Divided on MISO Long-range Cost Allocation’s Fairness
MISO’s subregional cost allocation plan for its long-range transmission projects found both devotees and critics at FERC this week.
MISO, SPP Finalize JTIQ Results with MISO Tx Duplicates
MISO and SPP announced completion of their Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue study, though it’s doubtful whether two project proposals will proceed.
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MISO Seeking New Tx Cost Allocation for Major Buildout
A month after filing a cost allocation method for its long-range projects, MISO is on the hunt for a better approach to fund major transmission builds.

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