December 10, 2023

long-range transmission portfolio (LRTP)

Madison Gas and Electric
MISO Insists it can Handle Record-setting Interconnection Queue
MISO assured stakeholders that it has the means to study the 170 GW worth of new generation interconnection requests that officially queued up last month.
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MISO: Record 1,000 Interconnection Requests in 2022
MISO reported it received a record-shattering 171 GW worth of proposed generation projects across 956 interconnection requests for 2022.
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MISO Executives Spotlight Fleet Evolution Planning, Risks
MISO Board Week focused on the industry shift underway as the RTO plans to get more transmission lines strung to bring record amounts of new capacity online.
Xcel Energy
MISO Gathering Stakeholder Input on LRTP Cost Allocation
MISO is collecting stakeholder suggestions on what design elements it should include in a new cost allocation for future projects in its LRTP.
SREA Criticizes Lack of MISO South Planning in FERC Tx Proceeding
SREA said while MISO may have a robust transmission planning process, FERC should know that the RTO’s South region does not share in it.
ACORE Panel Lauds MISO Tx Benefits Process
A panel convened by the American Council on Renewable Energy largely agreed that MISO’s transmission benefits process could be a blueprint for the country.
Stakeholders Troubled over MISO Response to FERC Planning NOPR
Stakeholders are concerned over the comments MISO plans to submit on FERC’s recently proposed transmission planning rule.
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FERC Allows MISO to Exclude Tx Projects from Competition
MISO received FERC permission to exclude certain transmission projects from competitive bidding eligibility.
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MISO Board Approves $10B in Long-range Tx Projects
MISO’s board approved an 18-project, $10.3 billion long-range transmission plan even as critics faulted the RTO for not moving faster to connect renewables.
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Consumer Groups File FERC Complaint Against MISO
An alliance of consumer groups jointly filed a complaint Friday against MISO’s practice of respecting state rights of first refusal laws in its regional transmission planning.

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