December 3, 2023

New York State Energy and Research Development Agency (NYSERDA)

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NY Seeks to Unlock Geothermal Potential for Buildings
The village of Ossining is constructing geothermal boreholes using a new law that exempts these boreholes from oil and gas well regulations.
EDP Renewables
NY Sets New Wind Record amid Uncertainty over Future OSW Projects
NYISO announced that the state broke its hourly wind generation record Sunday, generating 1,939 MW from 28 wind power facilities.
Grid-enhancing Technologies Poised for Growth with Federal Funds
Grid-enhancing technologies have been piloted in many places, but with recent FERC orders and federal funding, they are poised to become much more common.
NYSERDA Asks PSC to Revise REC Capacity Price Calculations
NYSERDA has petitioned the New York Public Service Commission to revise intermittent contract certificates to be more responsive to NYISO.
Moody’s Analytics
Moody’s: NY Evolved from the Pandemic, Challenges Ahead
New York faces a long list of challenges, including climate change and uncertainty in energy prices, according to Moody’s Analytics.
Clean Path New York
Clean Path NY Joins Calls for Inflation Adjustment
Clean Path NY asked to be included in any inflation adjustments approved for Tier 1 RECs, saying generators would otherwise shun its transmission project.
NY Starts Public Review of Cap-and-invest Plans
New York agencies kicked off the first in a series of webinars dedicated to explaining and seeking comment on the state’s proposed cap-and-invest program.
New York Governors Office
NY Moves to Boost Hydrogen Production and Development
New York announced two efforts to help boost hydrogen as a means of reaching its emission-reduction goals, including energy investments from NYPA and NYSERDA.
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New York Fine-Tuning its Market for Energy Storage 
New York state has the highest goal for installed energy storage but some of its market structures make it hard for the private sector to pursue those goals.
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IPPNY Panelists Urge Collaboration, Coordination in Transition
There was no shortage of ideas on how to overcome well known challenges to carrying out New York’s clean energy transition at IPPNY’s 37th Spring Conference.

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