December 1, 2023

North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)

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NERC Troubled by Responses to IBR Alert
Responses to NERC's Level 2 alert indicate widespread issues with performance of inverter-based resources.
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FERC Approves NERC Standards Process Changes
FERC approved new rules intended to streamline NERC's reliability standard development process.
FERC Optimistic About Energy Markets This Winter
Higher-than-average temperatures in the U.S. could reduce electricity and natural gas demand and help prevent shortfalls this winter, FERC staff said in the commission's Winter Energy Market and Electric Reliability Assessment.
NERC ‘Very Happy’ With GridEx VII Participation
NERC's three-day GridEx exercise tested electric grid stakeholders on their response to a wide variety of threats.
NERC Expecting Packed 2024 for Standards Actions
NERC has at least 11 standards projects that must be finished by the end of 2024, staff told the Standards Committee.
FERC Conference Highlights Challenges of Evolving Grid
Electric industry stakeholders discussed pressing threats to grid reliability at FERC's annual Reliability Technical Conference.
NERC: Grid Risks Widespread in Winter Months
NERC's Winter Reliability Assessment found large portions of the electric grid at risk of energy shortfalls this winter.
FERC-NERC Elliott Report Calls Winter Outages ‘Unacceptable’
In their final report on Winter Storm Elliott, FERC and NERC said congressional action on natural gas reliability is needed.
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FERC Approves Reliability Standard Retirements, Replacements
FERC approved two new reliability standards developed through NERC’s Standards Efficiency Review (SER) process while agreeing to the retirement of six others. 
EPRI: Changing Loads Raise Concerns for Modelers
Parag Mitra of EPRI warned that the growth of data centers and cryptocurrency mining has created new risks for system modelers.

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