December 3, 2023

Orange & Rockland Utilities

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NY Utilities to Seek $900M from DOE
Six utilities have indicated they will apply for federal loans and grants totaling roughly $900 million made available from the IIJA and IRA.
NYPSC OKs First Rate Increases Since COVID Outbreak
The NYPSC ruled on its first major electric rate case since the pandemic struck, approving three-year phased increases for NYSEG and RG&E.
NYPSC Dings Utilities for 2018 Reliability, Safety
Four of New York’s utilities will collectively see their revenues reduced by $7 million for failing to meet reliability and customer service requirements.
NYPSC Approves $32 Million for EV Fast Chargers
New York regulators authorized utilities to spend $31.6 million to build fast-charging EV stations and recover costs from ratepayers over seven years.
NYPSC Order Seeks to Refine, Standardize DR Programs
The New York Public Service Commission (NY PSC) voted to maintain current incentive payment rates for utilities’ demand response programs through 2017.
NYPSC Directs NYISO to Seek Tx Bids
The NYPSC declared a public policy need for $1.2 billion in transmission upgrades and recommended finalists to make competitive bids to NYISO.
Utilities: Removal of Net Metering Caps Violates Law
New York utilities challenged an order by regulators to temporarily remove the 6% cap on net metered solar-powered systems.
NYPSC Staff Recommends $1.2B in Transmission Projects
NYPSC staff recommended that three transmission developers move to the next stage in its initiative to eliminate bottlenecks for downstate load centers.
REV Proposals Seek to Increase Conservation
New York utilities have filed 15 demonstration projects for consideration under the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision initiative.
Demand Response for All Coming to New York
Expanded retail-level demand response programs will take effect as soon as July 1 in targeted areas of upstate New York.

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