December 9, 2023

Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT)

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Clean Energy Escapes Texas Legislature’s Wrath
With the 88th Texas Legislature’s regular session now over, the general consensus is that the clean energy industry fared better than recent gloomy predictions.
Entergy Texas
Entergy Reaches Settlement on $2.3B Texas Rate Case
Entergy's Texas subsidiary struck a rate case settlement with state regulators to recover $2.3 billion for grid-modernization improvements it has completed.
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NARUC Panel Tackles Gas-Electric Coordination
Industry experts at NARUC's Winter Policy Summit discussed needed improvements in gas-electric coordination after recent winter weather events.
The Texas Senate
Texas Politicians Assert Themselves in PUC’s Market Redesign
Texas lawmakers say they are concerned the Public Utility Commission’s proposals don’t do enough to encourage investment in new gas-fired generation.
Texas Water Development Board
Abbott Fills out Texas PUC with 5th Member
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott appointed long-time ExxonMobil employee Kathleen Jackson to the PUC, bringing the agency to its full complement of commissioners.
Panda Power Funds
ERCOT Asks for Ruling on Sovereign Immunity Claim
ERCOT asked the Texas Supreme Court to find that it is entitled to immunity as a governmental agency and reject a five-year-old lawsuit by a power developer.
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‘Insane’ Heat, Thermal Outages Stress ERCOT Grid
Hot weather that one weatherman called “categorically insane” has settled over Texas and led ERCOT to call on generators to postpone planned outages.
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Overheard at the 2022 Texas Energy Summit
The Texas Energy Summit gathered in person for the first time since the February 2021 winter storm that nearly collapsed the ERCOT grid.
Xcel Energy
ERCOT, PUC Say Grid is Ready for Winter Weather
ERCOT and Texas regulators and politicians say the grid is ready for severe winter weather this time, but some stakeholders aren't so sure.
ERCOT Generators Near 100% Winter Readiness Compliance
ERCOT says it has received all but one winter readiness report from system generating resources as part of the state’s new winter readiness requirements.

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