December 10, 2023

pumped hydro

New York Seeks to Define Zero Emissions
New York is looking at a broader array of solutions as fossil plants retire and not enough renewables come online.
Sandia National Laboratories
Long-duration Energy Storage Seen as Key to Future Grid
Industry and Department of Energy experts say long-duration energy storage is key to growing renewable energy and fixing the new transmission project backlog.
State of Massachusetts
NEPOOL Splits with ISO-NE over Pumped Storage Eligibility for IEP
ISO-NE will not incorporate an amendment approved by the NEPOOL Participants Committee to include pumped storage resources in its Inventoried Energy Program.
Michigan Tech
Study: Old Mines Can Host New Pumped Storage
Michigan Tech researchers find that nearly 1000 abandoned and flooded mines in the U.S. have the potential to become long-term pumped storage facilities.
Hawaii PUC Approves Kauai Pumped Storage Project
Hawaii's PUC approved construction of the West Kauai Energy Project, a pumped storage hydropower project designed to produce 110 GWh of annual output.
Washington Dept. of Ecology
Washington Pumped Hydro Project Faces Permitting, Obstacles
Washington’s first pumped storage generator is expected to go online between 2028 and 2030, if it can obtain the needed state and federal approvals.
Kauai Solar + Pumped Hydro Project Raises Questions
A solar plus pumped hydro storage project proposed by the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative could produce a quarter of the island’s energy requirements.
Calif. Energy Commission OKs $22M for Storage
The California Energy Commission approved $22M in grants to fund long-term energy storage projects and another $6M to test using repurposed EV batteries.
CPUC Approves Big Boost in Storage, Solar Targets
The California PUC approved historic increases in the state’s clean energy targets, calling for almost 25 GW of renewable energy and storage by 2030.
City of Lake Elsinore
FERC Tells LEAPS to Get in Line
FERC rejected a request by developers of a proposed pumped storage project for cost-based rate recovery as a transmission asset in CAISO.

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