December 2, 2023

resource adequacy

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Overheard at the OPSI Annual Meeting
The OPSI annual meeting debated PJM’s recent capacity market filing and whether the RTO needs to consider changes to its energy and reserve markets.  
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PJM Files Capacity Market Revamp with FERC

Comments are due Nov. 3 on PJM’s proposal, which it said would improve reliability and incentivize resource development while controlling costs.

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PJM Board Releases Outline of Capacity Market Changes
PJM's Board of Managers has adopted a variant of the RTO annual capacity market CIFP proposal, which includes changes to risk modeling, accreditation and capacity performance.
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Nation’s Grid Faces ‘Rendezvous with Reality’
An SPP Resource Adequacy Summit provided an opportunity for federal and state regulators, academics, market participants and stakeholders to discuss the reliability issues facing the grid.
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Conservation Calls Help ERCOT Meet Near-record Demand
In what is becoming an almost daily occurrence, ERCOT issued another appeal for voluntary conservation as the Texas grid operator continues to manage tight conditions during a brutally hot summer.
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SPP Sets New Summer Peak as Great Plains Roast
SPP set a new record for summer peak demand, the first of several that could come this week with a heat dome settled over the Great Plains.
U.S. Census Bureau
Population Growth Fuels ERCOT’s Record Demand
ERCOT has seen its electricity demand explode along with the growth of Texas' population and economy.
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Former FERC Commissioners Share Outlooks with MACRUC
Current or former FERC commissioners  shared their views on the future of RTOs and the relationship between state and federal regulators.
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MISO Awaiting Construction on 40 GW of Approved New Resources
MISO membership and executives last week discussed how to hasten the construction of more than 40 GW of generation projects that have permission to connect to the grid but haven’t been built.
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PJM Presents Lessons Learned from Elliott, More CIFP Presentations
PJM offered a series of suggestions for how it could overhaul its capacity market in the wake of widespread resource failures during last December's winter storm.

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