December 10, 2023

storage as a transmission asset (SATA)

NYISO Investigating Storage as Transmission
NYISO has begun the process of studying how energy storage resources can be considered as traditional transmission assets.
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NYISO Outlines Timelines for 2023 Projects
NYISO presented its anticipated schedules for its Installed Capacity market, energy market and new resource integration projects for this year.
Study Makes Case for Storage as Transmission Asset in NY
The energy storage units planned in great number in New York can also serve the state’s grid as transmission assets, a new study finds.
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GETs: Long-term Solution or Niche Player?
Transmission planners see an increasing role for grid-enhancing technologies but disagree over whether they will be transformative or limited.
ISO-NE Weighs Allowing Storage as Transmission
ISO-NE is developing a process for allowing energy storage projects to be used as transmission assets.
Vote Delayed on PJM SATA Proposal
Stakeholders voted to delay the endorsement of PJM’s proposal to develop rules for how storage should be considered in the RTEP process.
Glick: These 4 FERC Priorities Will Affect Energy Storage
FERC Chair Richard Glick told the Energy Storage Association one of his priorities is to further break down barriers for storage in the capacity markets.
SPP MOPC Briefs: Jan. 11-12, 2021
SPP staff unveiled a proposed mitigation plan to reduce the four-year backlog in the RTO’s generation interconnection queue.
MISO Prepares Members for Pricey Transmission Expansion
MISO executives last week said an evolving energy industry heralds big spending on transmission projects in the RTO’s footprint.
Stakeholders endorsed PJM’s proposal to develop rules for how storage should be considered in the RTEP process at the RTO's Planning Committee meeting.

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