November 30, 2023

Texas Public Utility Commission (TX PUC)

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McAdams Says He Will Resign from Texas PUC
The Texas PUC's Will McAdams said during an SPP stakeholder meeting he intends to resign from his regulatory position before the year is up.
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Overheard at 20th Texas Energy Summit
The 20th Texas Energy Summit, organized by the Texas A&M University System’s Energy Systems Laboratory, again focused on the intersection of air quality and energy.
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ERCOT Cancels RFP for Additional Winter Capacity
ERCOT canceled its effort to procure 3,000 MW of additional capacity this winter after “limited response” resulted in 11.1 MW of offers.
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Bivens Resigns as ERCOT’s Market Monitor
The Texas Public Utility Commission and Potomac Economics' Carrie Bivens have both confirmed that she is resigning as ERCOT’s Independent Market Monitor.
2023 Elections Bring Billions for Texas Gas, Dem Wins in Virginia, NJ
Voters OK'd billions for gas generation in Texas, while Democrats won legislative elections in New Jersey and Virginia with implications for energy policy.
Admin Monitor
Texas PUC OKs Smaller Budget, Admin Fee Increases for ERCOT
The Texas PUC rejected ERCOT’s proposed budget and administration fee increase, agreeing instead to more incremental growth in its revenues.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: Oct. 24, 2023
ERCOT stakeholders and staff tabled a protocol revision request implementing a new ancillary service that faces a tight statutory timeline.
Solicitor General: SCOTUS Should Reject Texas ROFR Appeal
Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar urged the Supreme Court to dismiss a petition to review a 2022 appeals court ruling that found Texas’ ROFR law violates the Constitution’s dormant Commerce Clause.
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ERCOT Monitor’s Name Change Raises Legislative Concerns
A potential name change for ERCOT's Independent Market Monitor has heightened some concerns that Texas regulators are attempting to restrict the IMM's independence.
Texas PUC
ERCOT Defends Admin Fee Increase Before PUC
ERCOT seeks approval from Texas regulators for its 2024-25 budget and a 27.9% increase to its system administration fee.

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