December 2, 2023

Vermont Climate Council

Vt. House Approves Bill to Create Clean Heat Standard
Vermont’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would implement a clean heat standard, as recommended by the state's Climate Council.
Bourne's Energy
Vt. Lawmakers Working on Clean Heat Standard Bill
Vermont lawmakers are working on a bill that would implement a Clean Heat Standard in the state starting in 2024.
Without TCI-P, Vt. Will Explore Joining Western Climate Initiative
The Western Climate Initiative is one option the Vermont Climate Council will explore to replace TCI-P in its Climate Action Plan released in December.
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Study: EV Adoption to Cut $5.3M in Vt. Gas Taxes in 2025
Under Vermont's plans to ramp up EV adoption, gas tax revenue losses from light-duty cars could total $80 million in 2050, according to a new study.
BMW Group
Here’s the Top Decarbonization Challenge for the Northeast in 2022
With Northeast states backing out of joining TCI-P, states now have a major funding gap for their plans to clean up the transportation sector.
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Vt. Energy Plan Targets 100% Zero-emission Car Sales by 2035
Transitioning to 100% ZEV sales in Vermont will be a challenge, as 85% of its passenger vehicle sales are currently higher-priced SUV and truck models.
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Vermont Climate Council Adopts ‘Initial Climate Action Plan’
The Vermont Climate Council voted 19-4 to adopt an Initial Climate Action Plan with the expectation that it will update it next year.
Jared and Corin, CC BY-SA-2.0, via Wikimedia
Modeling Shows Vt. Can Hit Decarbonization Targets Through 2050
Consultants to the Vermont Climate Council modeled GHG emission reductions based on proposed actions from the council’s Cross-sector Mitigation Subcommittee.
GlobalFoundries’ Bid for Vt. Utility Status Could Trip up 100% Renewable Proposal
Semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries wants to procure its own electricity from ISO-NE and be exempt from the Vermont's renewable energy standard.
Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing
Vermont Climate Council Puts Clean Heat Standard on the Table
The Vermont Climate Council heard recommendations on how to reduce emissions for the electricity, thermal and transportation sectors.

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