December 3, 2023

Winter Energy Market and Reliability Assessment

FERC Optimistic About Energy Markets This Winter
Higher-than-average temperatures in the U.S. could reduce electricity and natural gas demand and help prevent shortfalls this winter, FERC staff said in the commission's Winter Energy Market and Electric Reliability Assessment.
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FERC Corrects Error on ERCOT Probability Assessment
FERC has corrected an “incorrect statement” by making a small modification to its annual Winter Energy Market and Reliability Assessment issued last week.
FERC: Natural Gas Prices to Rise During Mild Winter
FERC staff said the grid seems well positioned to weather the cold months. However, rising demand is expected to drive gas prices higher than last year’s.
FERC: Mild Winter Ahead, but Severe Weather Risk Remains
A new report from FERC says the U.S. energy market seems ready for the winter months but warned that the risks of extreme weather are still a major factor.

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