December 3, 2023

Zero Emission Credits (ZECs)

NJ Opens Community Solar and Nuclear Support Programs
New Jersey made its community solar pilot program permanent, with a major focus on ensuring half of all subscribers are low- or moderate-income households.
PSEG CEO Says Need for ‘Predictability’ Drives OSW Sale
PSEG's CEO said the utility is exiting offshore wind but sees potential in keeping its nukes alive now that they are eligible for federal tax credits.
Georgia Power Company
Making the Case for Nuclear at NARUC
The rising profile of nuclear power as one of the critical technologies that will power the U.S. to a carbon-free grid was a major theme at NARUC's conference.
NJ Gov., Lawmakers Move Toward Updated Clean Energy Goals
New Jersey officials are updating the clean energy strategy that steered the state to becoming one of the most aggressive carbon reducers in the nation.
NY DPS Decreases ZEC Prices by 14%
The price of New York ZECs is set to fall 14% for the next two years after the agency that administratively sets the price issued its biennial price adjustment.
Public Service Enterprise Group
PSEG Eyes Democrats’ Climate Bill for Nuclear Plant Support
PSEG is hoping the Democrats’ proposed climate bill will provide long-term support for the utility’s three nuclear plants, now subsidized by N.J. ratepayers.
New Jersey Division of Rate Coun
Veteran Litigator Appointed Head of NJ Rate Counsel
Gov. Phil Murphy appointed Brian Lipman, a veteran litigator and senior executive at the state Division of Rate Counsel, to lead the consumer advocacy agency.
Public Service Enterprise Group
PSEG Eyes Federal Tax Credits for Nuclear Plants
PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo says company is "hopeful" Congress will pass $15/MWh tax credit for nuclear.
Nevada Clean Cars
Nev. Adopts Clean Cars Rule, Allows Early Credits
Nevada's Clean Cars regulations will take effect in 2025, but the state is allowing auto makers to bank ZEV credits starting next year.
CARB Plan Would Allow Interstate Transfer of ZEV Credits
Car manufacturers selling in states that follow California’s ZEV regulations would be able to transfer ZEV credits among states under a new CARB proposal.

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