December 3, 2023

designated entity agreement (DEA)

PJM Planning Committee Briefs: Aug. 9, 2022
Stakeholders urged PJM to delay action on generation deliverability testing until rules on capacity interconnection rights for ELCC resources are complete.
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PJM Challenged on Oversight of ‘Immediate Need’ Tx Projects
Consumer advocates, industrial consumers and municipals asked FERC to force PJM to require incumbent TOs to sign agreements on immediate-need projects.
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PJM TOs, Consumer Advocates at Odds over DEA Inquiry
PJM consumer advocates and transmission owners appear headed for a showdown over a proposed review of the RTO’s use of designated entity agreements.
PJM MRC Briefs: May 25, 2022
Stakeholders unanimously endorsed a revised proposal from PJM and the Independent Market Monitor addressing start-up cost offer development.
PJM MRC Preview: May 25, 2022
A summary of the agenda items scheduled to be brought to a vote at the PJM Markets and Reliability Committee meeting on May 25, 2022.
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FERC Rejects PJM Redefinition of ‘Designated Entity’ Under Order 1000
FERC rejected a filing by PJM in its Order 1000 compliance docket that would have updated the definition of “designated entity.”
Rehearing Denied on PJM Designated Entity Agreements
PJM’s incumbent transmission owners must sign designated entity agreements just the same as the nonincumbent developers building projects in their zones.
FERC OKs Adjusted Rate for Disputed Transource Line
FERC approved the designated entity agreement for Transource Energy's Independence Energy Connection, PJM's largest-ever congestion-reducing transmission project.
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FERC Rejects PJM Exemption for Incumbent TOs
FERC rejected PJM’s proposal to exempt incumbent transmission owners from signing designated entity agreements (DEAs).

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