July 14, 2024


The Midcontinent Independent System Operator is a regional transmission organization that plans transmission projects, administers wholesale markets for its membership and manages the flow of electricity in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin. 
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MISO Warns Members of Rising Budgets
MISO said its cost of doing business is set to escalate within the next four years, spawning bigger operating budgets and heftier member dues.
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MISO Leadership Issues Urgent Call for In-Service Dates
MISO’s system is at the mercy of faster interconnections of new resources and retirement delays, executives said in a quarterly address to the board and stakeholders.
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Extensions Likely for MISO’s Term-limited Board Members
MISO and its board are scrutinizing the steps they can take to preserve institutional knowledge on the board of directors as they confront half of board members reaching term limits this year and next.
FERC Approves Sloped Demand Curve in MISO Capacity Market
After two requests for more information and nine months, FERC has greenlit MISO’s plan to exchange its current, vertical curve for sloped demand curves in its seasonal capacity auctions.
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MISO Members Stress Need for Speed to Manage Load Growth, EPA Carbon Rule
Members of MISO’s Advisory Committee emphasized that all players in the footprint need to act swiftly to position themselves for “hyperscale” load growth and the EPA’s new carbon rule.
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MISO Vouches for 2nd, $25B Long-range Tx Portfolio
MISO reaffirmed its commitment to its second, $25 billion long-range transmission portfolio while stakeholders asked the RTO to be mindful of river crossings and whether it may reassign developers for the first LRTP portfolio’s projects in Iowa.
MISO’s 2nd Long-range Tx Portfolio Jumps to About $25B
MISO’s second, mostly 765-kV long-range transmission plan could tip past $25 billion with the addition of more projects, stakeholders have learned.
OMS-MISO RA Survey: Potential 14-GW Capacity Deficit by Summer 2029
A relatively low turnout of constructed capacity in recent years could deepen a potential 2.7-GW capacity deficit in summer 2025 to more than 14 GW by summer 2029, MISO and OMS revealed in a five-year projection.
MISO Readies JTIQ Filings, Hints at More Tx Portfolios with SPP
Two years after announcing its $1.8 billion Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue transmission portfolio with SPP, MISO is putting final touches on FERC filings to make it happen.
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MARC 2024 Displays Mixed Feelings on Transition Feasibility
The 2024 Mid-America Regulatory Conference showcased a tug-of-war of positivity and cynicism over meeting growing demand with a fleet that should evolve faster to meet clean energy goals.

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