May 18, 2024

Commentary & Special Reports

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ASE: Energy Transition Must Put Demand-side Efficiency, Flexibility First
A new Berkeley Lab report finds that a combination of aggressive demand and supply side measures could slash greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector 91% below 2005 levels by 2050.
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NJ Enacts New Construction Electrification Incentives
New Jersey has enacted a package of new construction incentives worth up to $5.25 per square foot for new residential and nonresidential construction.
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IPF24: How Best to Address OSW’s Effects on Fisheries
The offshore wind industry and its regulators are examining how best to limit impact on commercial fishing.
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IPF24: Voices of the OSW Supply Chain, as Heard at Trade Show
Business representatives exhibiting at IPF24 shared their thoughts on the offshore wind summit and on the U.S. industry.
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IPF24: Moving Offshore Wind Beyond Contract Cancellations
Stakeholders look at how best to move on from offshore wind contract cancellations.
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IPF24: Central Atlantic Region Prepares for OSW Development
Representatives of Central Atlantic states seek intraregional collaboration on their nascent offshore wind sector.
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IPF24: Louisiana Manufacturers Expand into Offshore Wind
With decades of experience servicing offshore oil and gas rigs, Louisiana manufacturers are finding offshore wind a natural expansion for their business models. 
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IPF24: New York Starts Another OSW Rebound
The leader of New York state's offshore wind initiative told the 2024 International Partnering Forum that the state is pushing forward after its setbacks and so should the industry. 
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IPF24: Offshore Wind Sector Leaders Emphasize Tailwinds
The headline session of the 2024 International Partnering Forum veered heavily toward celebration and optimism for the U.S. offshore wind energy sector.
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Forum: Innovation Key to Advance NJ Offshore Wind
Innovation and in-state project development will be key to New Jersey’s offshore wind future as the state advances its initiative to create an offshore power center that can connect to homes and businesses onshore, according to speakers at the Wind Institute Research Symposium.

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