May 24, 2024


Matthew T. Rader, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FERC Accepts NERC’s New Cybersecurity Standard
FERC approved a new reliability standard aimed at improving the security of communications between control centers.
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NERC Says IBR Work Proceeding as Planned
NERC staff said the ERO is preparing for the next phase of its work plan for registering inverter-based resources.
NERC Standards Committee Moves Forward on IBR Projects
Inverter-based resources took the focus at the monthly meeting of NERC's Standards Committee.
Christie, Clements Praise NERC’s Honesty at Board Meeting
FERC commissioners urged NERC to continue its outreach efforts at a meeting that also saw the ERO's Board of Trustees approve several new CIP standards.
RF Levies $30K Penalty for Twin Ridges Oversights
ReliabilityFirst's penalty settlement comes as the Twin Ridges facility transitions to its third owner in four years.
NERC’s Cancel, Hoptroff to Retire in 2025
Manny Cancel has been with NERC since 2020, while Stan Hoptroff has served since 2014. Both will leave in early 2025, the ERO said.
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FERC Proposes Adopting NAESB’s Latest Revisions
FERC proposed adopting the latest version of the North American Energy Standards Board's best practices.
Texas RE
Texas RE Auditors Push Preparedness for Security Walkthroughs
Compliance auditors at the Texas Reliability Entity urged utilities  to think of them not as antagonists looking to get them in trouble, but as allies in the mission of maintaining grid reliability. 
Industry Approves NERC’s Cyber Monitoring Standards
NERC's proposed internal network security monitoring standard is on track for submission to FERC after an as yet unscheduled final ballot.
NERC Tries Again with Revised INSM Standard
NERC is taking comments through April 17 on the latest revision to its proposed internal network security monitoring standard.

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