September 25, 2023

State Regulation

Moody’s: Permitting Process Holding Transmission Back, Risking Reliability
A report from Moody's Investors Service asserted that, despite a need for transmission investment, regulatory bottlenecking is causing significant delay for utilities.
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NY State Reliability Council Executive Committee Briefs: Sept. 8, 2023
NYSRC's Executive Committee approved the preliminary base case for the upcoming capability year and new emergency operating procedures aimed at enhancing grid reliability.
ERCOT Voltage Drop Leads to EEA Level 2
A drop in voltage forced ERCOT to enter emergency operations for the first time since the disastrous February 2021 winter storm.
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Stakeholder Soapbox: The Cost of Inaction — An Outdated Grid, Overpriced Power
Former Maryland Public Service Commission Chairman Jason Stanek lays out the ways in which a lack of regulation and repair have led to a fragile, financially wasteful energy grid.
Consumers Energy
Michigan PSC Warns Utilities of Possible Fines for Outages
Fed up with repeated outages, the Michigan PSC outlined penalties it is considering imposing on utilities in the future.  
State Farm
Hawaiian Electric Faces Multiple Lawsuits over Wildfires
Hawaii's main electric utility faces multiple lawsuits accusing it of neglecting wildfire preparations.
ERO Adds Energy Policy to Risk Priorities List
NERC's latest ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report includes energy policy and critical infrastructure interdependencies among crucial reliability risks.
NAESB Forum Chairs Push for Gas Reliability Organization
The chairs of NAESB's forum on gas-electric harmonization said significant reforms may be needed to bring the two industries into alignment.
NYPA Taking to the Skies with Expanded Drone Fleet
The New York Power Authority is greatly expanding its unmanned aerial vehicle program.
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Overheard at NARUC Summer Policy Summit 2023
NARUC's annual Summer Policy Summit attracted more than 1,000 attendees for discussions on understanding and preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

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