May 19, 2024


ISO New England Inc. is a regional transmission organization that oversees the operation of the electricity transmission system, coordinates wholesale electricity markets, and manages power system planning for the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and most of Maine.
ISO-NE Re-elects Slate of Board Candidates
ISO-NE has re-elected current Directors Caren Anders, Steve Corneli and Michael Curran, the RTO announced.
ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs: May 15

National Grid introduced a pair of asset condition projects estimated to cost about $538 million to the ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee.

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ISO-NE Provides Update on Potential New Resource Adequacy Metric
ISO-NE outlined its current thinking on a potential Regional Energy Shortfall Threshold at the NEPOOL Reliability Committee.
The City of Boston / Sasaki
How Sea Level Rise, Coastal Flooding Threaten Boston’s Grid
In Boston and throughout the broader region, climate-fueled extreme weather events are already putting stress on essential energy infrastructure.
ISO-NE: RCA Changes to Increase Capacity Market Revenues by 11%
ISO-NE’s proposed resource capacity accreditation updates would result in an estimated 11% increase in capacity market revenues, the RTO told the NEPOOL Markets Committee.
ISO-NE Predicts 10% Increase in Peak Demand by 2033
ISO-NE is predicting that New England’s peak load will increase by about 10%, and electricity consumption by 17%, by 2033, according to its 2024 Capacity, Energy, Loads and Transmission report.
Eversource Announces $500M Cut in Connecticut Investments
Eversource announced plans to reduce its investments in Connecticut by about $500 million over the next five years because of the “negative regulatory environment” at the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority.
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NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: May 3, 2024
The NEPOOL Participants Committee approved ISO-NE’s Order 2023-A compliance proposal, making incremental changes to its previous plan approved in March.
Senators Call for ‘Increased Accountability and Transparency’ at ISO-NE
In a wide-ranging letter, four U.S. senators called for improved transparency and accountability from ISO-NE, and asked the RTO to increase its efforts to facilitate the clean energy transition.
NEPOOL Transmission Committee Briefs: April 25, 2024

The NEPOOL Transmission Committee voted on to approve updates to ISO-NE’s Order 2023 compliance proposal to account for Order 2023-A.

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