September 25, 2023

Industrial Decarbonization

DOE Reports Examine Difficult Job of Industrial Decarbonization

The agency's three “Pathways to Commercial Liftoff” reports focus on the challenges of industrial decarbonization.

Oil Companies Resisting Climate Action, Inslee, Climate Panelists Say

Oil companies are increasingly resisting climate change measures, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and a panel of climate experts told a group of University of Washington engineering students.

United Nations
UN Report Calls for Quicker Global Emissions Reductions
The United Nations' global stocktake report showed that while some steps have been taken on climate change, more work is needed and soon to avoid its worst impacts.
Daniel L. Lu, CC-BY-SA-4.0, via Wikipedia Commons
Apple Supports Proposed Calif. Emissions Reporting Bill
Apple put its considerable heft behind a California bill that would increase the emissions reporting requirements for more than 5,000 large companies that do business in the state.
Port of Grays Harbor
Wash. Allowance Prices Surge Again in 3rd Cap-and-trade Auction
Allowance prices continued to rise after the state’s latest cap-and-trade auction cleared at $63.03, up nearly 13% from the previous auction.
DOE Wants US to Produce 50 Million MT of Clean Hydrogen by 2050
The White House and Department of Energy unveiled a new interagency task force aimed at reaching the administration’s ambitious goals for the deployment of clean hydrogen.
350 Tacoma
Wash. Raises $62.5M from Cap-and-trade Reserve Auction
Washington’s first cap-and-trade auction from the program’s Allowance Price Containment Reserve raised almost $62.5 million, the Ecology Department said.
Par Pacific
Wash. Auctions Reserve Carbon Allowances to Relieve Price Pressure
Washington held a special cap-and-trade auction intended to help keep carbon costs in check after May’s quarterly auction cleared at an unexpectedly high price.
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Hydrogen Tax Credit Design is Key to Decarbonization
The Treasury Department is working to implement the 45v tax credit, which is the largest incentive passed under the Inflation Reduction Act and is meant to incentivize clean hydrogen production.
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Petition Drive Seeks to Repeal Wash. Cap-and-trade Program
Let’s Go Washington is collecting signatures on a petition asking the state Legislature to repeal the cap-and-trade program, which went into effect this year.

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