May 19, 2024

Resource Adequacy

Resource adequacy is the ability of electric grid operators to supply enough electricity at the right locations, using current capacity and reserves, to meet demand. It is expressed as the probability of an outage due to insufficient capacity.
NERC Summer Assessment Sees Some Risk in Extreme Heat Waves
NERC’s 2024 Summer Reliability Assessment found that every region has met its reserve margin targets but that many areas would face difficult operations in lengthy, widespread heat waves.
NERC Expecting Tight Summer Conditions
The ERO says the grid could face challenges during periods of extremely high temperatures this summer.
Elena Dider, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Report: Small Nuclear Reactors not the Answer
A new report warns that small modular nuclear reactors are not the energy panacea that their proponents have described.
FERC, NERC Review January Winter Storm Performance
The North American electric and natural gas systems survived this year’s Arctic storms with no major incidents, demonstrating significant progress from the performance issues in previous severe winter events.
Western Power Pool
WRAP Participants Seek 1-Year Delay to ‘Binding’ Operations
Citing “significant new headwinds” to securing energy resources, participants in the Western Resource Adequacy Program are seeking to delay the program’s “binding” penalty phase by one year, to summer 2027.
DOE Urges Utilities to Embrace ‘Holistic’ Reliability Solutions
With electricity demand expected to undergo rapid acceleration by 2028, stakeholders must “pursue the full range of technology, planning and operation solutions” to meet resource adequacy needs, the DOE said in a report.
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FERC, State Regulators Renew Collaboration
Nearing completion of its transmission planning rulemaking, FERC said it is forming a new working group with state regulators with a focus on reliability.
Counterflow: Hair (and Pants) on Fire

The Washington Post’s warning that “America is running out of power” lacks context and distracts us from the real work at hand, says columnist Steve Huntoon.

SERC Highlights DERs, Extreme Weather Challenges in LTRA
SERC said in its Long-Term Reliability Assessment that continued active collaboration with registered entities and other stakeholders is needed to address growing reliability concerns.
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NARUC Looks at How to Manage New Large Loads
The power industry is facing an increasingly delicate balancing act as policies drive some generators to retirement, while major new loads are popping up and making planning more difficult.

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