December 10, 2023


FERC Rejects MISO Pseudo-Tie Pro Forma
FERC rejected MISO's proposed pro forma agreement for pseudo-tying generation into PJM, saying the rules around termination were too broad.
MISO, PJM Respond to FERC’s Pseudo-Tie Questions
MISO and PJM have responded to a FERC deficiency letter with a defense and clarification of their proposal to impose stricter rules on pseudo-ties.
MISO-PJM Markets Meeting Addresses Seams Issues
PJM and MISO provided updates on proposed pro forma pseudo-tie agreements, the “freeze date” on transmission rights and targeted transmission upgrades.
FERC Conditionally OKs MISO’s Pseudo-tie Pro Forma
FERC staff accepted the MISO pro forma pseudo-tie agreement with a warning that a full-strength commission could in the future reject the proposal.
MISO Asks FERC for Pseudo-Tie Technical Conference
MISO is asking FERC to schedule a technical conference to clarify the rules governing the implementation and use of pseudo-ties.
FERC Seeks More Details on MISO Pseudo-Tie Proposal
FERC staff wants more details on MISO’s proposed pro forma pseudo-tie agreement, which the RTO hopes to begin enforcing in June.

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