December 10, 2023

MISO Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

MISO, SPP Ditch 90/10 JTIQ Allocation After $465M DOE Grant
Weeks after the nearly $2 billion Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue (JTIQ) transmission portfolio was awarded a $465 million Department of Energy grant, MISO and SPP are switching their proposed cost allocation for the projects.
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MISO to Focus on LRTP, Congestion for MTEP 24
MISO says its 2024 Transmission Expansion Plan will look much the same as last year’s MTEP.
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MISO Says Overloads and Congestion Loom Without 2nd Long-range Tx Portfolio
After completing its initial economic and reliability analysis, MISO has found numerous overloads and congestion await its system if it doesn’t recommend a second long-range transmission plan portfolio.
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MISO Aims for Manageable Interconnection Queue
MISO proposes megawatt limits on annual project proposals, tripled entry fees and escalating penalty charges in its quest to oust speculative projects and lighten its gridlocked interconnection queue.
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MISO Wants Tougher Obligations on Queue Entry and Exit
Faced with an exponential rise in interconnection requests, MISO announced that it’s aiming to make its queue a more exclusive club through new rules.
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Experts Urge MISO to Consider New 765 kV and HVDC Lines
Presenters at a special two-day meeting of the Planning Advisory Committee advised MISO to consider recommending 765 kV and HVDC transmission lines.
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MISO Adding Near-term Congestion Study to MTEP
MISO announced that it will add an informational study on near-term transmission congestion to its 2023 cycle of transmission planning.
Stakeholders Doubt MISO Study of Alternative Tx Projects
Clean energy and consumer advocates questioned whether MISO planners are sufficiently exploring alternatives to the projects its transmission owners submit.
MISO Makes Business Case on Long-range Tx Plan
MISO members are voting whether to recommend MISO’s $10 billion long-range transmission buildout to the RTO’s board as staff make final pitches for the project.
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MISO Focuses Stakeholders on $10B LRTP Projects
MISO convened a special edition of its Planning Advisory Committee to drive home the urgency for more than $10 billion in long-range transmission projects.

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