December 10, 2023

MISO Regional Expansion Criteria and Benefits Working Group

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MISO Wants Abridged Stakeholder Meeting Schedule
When it emerges from the worst of the pandemic, MISO wants to limit its in-person stakeholder committee schedule to eight in-person meeting weeks per year.
MISO Analyses Show Reliability Woes Without Transmission Builds
MISO says voltage stability and thermal issues will get out of hand within the decade unless it instates some transmission solutions.
MISO Makes U-turn on Cost Allocation Policy
MISO revealed a new market efficiency project cost allocation proposal that would stipulate local projects be reviewed on a local basis only.
MISO Mulling Next Steps on Cost Allocation Overhaul
MISO will still pursue major aspects of a transmission proposal that FERC rejected, but is debating keeping its proposed local economic project type.
Stakeholders Debate MISO Cost Allocation Plan
Stakeholders are questioning a MISO proposal that would draw a sharp distinction between the cost allocation eligibility for interregional and internal projects.

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