December 10, 2023

Rhode Island Executive Climate Change Coordinating Council (EC4)

Rhode Island Updates 2016 Greenhouse Gas Plan
A draft update of Rhode Island's climate protection plan indicates it is below the trajectory needed to meet its GHG targets but lays out steps to achieve them.
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Rhode Island Experts Seek Policy Shifts for Secure, Low-carbon Food System
The Rhode Island Food Policy Council made recommendations to state climate officials for the upcoming update to the emissions-reduction plan.
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RI Asks Public: How Should We Define Net Zero by 2050?
Rhode Island’s climate council sought comments on which emissions to count in an upcoming emissions-reduction plan update and how to net those emissions.
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Here’s the Top Decarbonization Challenge for the Northeast in 2022
With Northeast states backing out of joining TCI-P, states now have a major funding gap for their plans to clean up the transportation sector.

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