July 20, 2024

SPP Western Markets Executive Committee (WMEC)

UPDATED: Stakeholders Approve WEIS Market Launch
Stakeholders in SPP’s Western Imbalance Service market unanimously approved its Feb. 1 launch, the last major milestone in a project that began in 2019.
FERC Approves SPP’s Western Market Tariff
FERC handed SPP an early Christmas present when it approved the RTO’s second version of a tariff for its five-minute WEIS market.
SPP WEIS Stakeholders OK Final Test
SPP’s WEIS stakeholders voted to move forward with parallel operations, the final test before the WEIS market’s planned February launch.
SPP Stakeholders Agree on WEIS Tariff Changes
Stakeholders in SPP’s Western Energy Imbalance Service market approved three revision requests in response to FERC’s rejection of the proposed Tariff.
SPP Readying 2nd Attempt at WEIS Tariff
SPP staff are working feverishly to address FERC and Market Monitoring Unit concerns that threaten the launch of its Western Energy Imbalance Service market.
SPP Briefs: Week of July 20, 2020
SPP's Western Energy Imbalance Service market is at risk of falling behind schedule because it is still waiting on FERC approval of the standalone Tariff.
SPP Briefs: Week Ending June 19, 2020
SPP is facing a two-month delay in gaining FERC approval of the Tariff for its Western Energy Imbalance Service market, staff said.
SPP Western Markets Briefs: April 23, 2020
SPP’s effort to stand up the Western Energy Imbalance Service market is on budget and on schedule, RTO staff told the Western Markets Executive Committee.

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