September 25, 2023
Tom Kleckner
ERCOT / SPP Correspondent
Tom has 28 years of experience in the electric industry. During his time with Central and South West before its merger with AEP, he earned his family of four free airfare to New York City by making bi-monthly round trips between Dallas and Columbus as a member of the merger management team. Tom also handled public relations during TXU’s contentious effort to build 11 coal plants in Texas — and lived to talk about it. After a short stint with ERCOT helping implement its nodal market, Tom spent four years at SPP, managing communications for the implementation of the RTO’s Integrated Marketplace. A former sportswriter, Tom holds a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He lives in The Woodlands, about 35 miles north of Houston.

Recent Articles
Weatherization Practices Paying Off in Texas
Texas reliability and regulator officials are praising the state's efforts to weatherize their facilities following the disastrous 2021 winter storm, while the results bear them out.
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ERCOT Expects Sufficient Capacity this Fall
ERCOT says it should have more than enough capacity to meet peak demand under normal conditions during the fall season that begins in October.
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WAPA, Basin Electric Commit to SPP’s RTO West
SPP says two announcements by the Western Area Power Administration and Basin Electric Power have rounded out the group of seven western utilities that plan to pursue membership in its Western Interconnection RTO market.
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ERCOT Walks ‘Balancing Act’ During Recent EEA
ERCOT staff told Texas regulators that the recent Level 2 energy emergency alert was a necessary ”balancing act” to protect the system's equipment and to prevent load shed.
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SPP REAL Team Compromises on PBA, ELCC Revisions

SPP stakeholders asked two working groups to consider compromise language on a pair of tariff revisions related to resource adequacy policies.

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